Tsinghua SEM Center for Internet Development and Governance (CIDG), founded in April 2016, was established by School of Economics and Management, Tsinghua University in response to the National Strategy of Reinvigorating China through Network on the basis of the college in the research on Internet economy and management, talent training advantage, and international influence. Committed to leading the digital transformation of China's economy by thought, the center integrates the global resources of top-level experts, makes full use of cutting-edge technologies including Internet, big data, etc., carries out research work focusing on the fields of digital economy, business innovation in the era of global interconnection, digital transformation of Chinese economy, Internet governance, etc., provides objective reference suggestions for improving the scientific decision-making level of government and boosting technology and business innovation and the development of public service, and also constructs the platform for cooperation for promoting the development of digital economy and industrial innovation.

  • Zip code:100080
  • Telephone:01062797199
  • Address: Tsinghua University, School of economics and management, 530

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